Minor Housing Rehabilitation

    The Southside Outreach Group has limited funds to perform minor rehabs 
    on houses.  The funds are generated
    by the Board Members through fundraisers and donations.

    Types of repairs performed

    • Handicap ramps
    • Steps/stoops
    • Plumbing
    • Replace broken windows

    Qualifications for the Minor Housing Rehabilitation Program

    • Must own the home
    • Must meet income eligibility requirements

    Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation

    This program is provided by the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development.  The program is designed to assist person who lack a bathroom or have inadequate plumbing.

    Qualifications for the Indoor Plumbing/Rehabilitation Program

    • Must own the home
    • Must meet income eligibility requirements
    • Must be living in the house
    • Must meet the requirements of a house lacking a bathroom and inadequate plumbing

    Homeownership Opportunities

    The Southside Outreach has built 35 single-family houses in our servce area.  These houses were built and sold to eligible income persons.

    The houses amenities that we provide:

    • Heat Pump – central air & heat
    • Energy-efficient windows
    • Energy Star Appliances
    • Stove (self-cleaning oven)
    • Refrigerator (ice maker)
    • Accessibility features if applicable
    • Carpet & tile
    • Landscaped yards

    Qualifications for the Homeownership Program

    • Must meet income eligibility requirements
    • Must become eligible for a mortgage loan
    • Must participte in SSORG Housing Counseling Program

    Housing Counseling

    The Southside Outreach Group provides free housing counseling to income eligble applicant. We have certified counselors on staff who will provide housing counseling to applicants.  

    Activities Involved in the Housing Counseling

    Review of your credit report
    •    Pre-purchase couseling
    •    Assistance with dispute letters
    •    Preparing a spending plan (income and debt)
    •    Budgeting
    •    Identifying & applying for mortgage loans
    •    Understanding predatory lending
    •    Basic home maintenance
    •    Post counseling

    Qualifications for the Housing Counseling Program

    •    Must attend monthly one-on-one counseling sessions
    •    Must have the desire and perseverance to become a homeowner!