Q. Do you help people with septic system problems?

A. Yes, we have an Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program that helps low-to-moderate income people that has a failing or failed septic system or lacking a bathroom. To qualify for assistance you must have ownership of the property and your household income cannot exceed 80% of the area median income limits. Also, it is a loan program in which we have a loan repayment schedule that the client must commit to before signing a rehabilitation contract. Loans will be in monthly installment payments and forgiven payments as determined by the client’s ability to pay worksheet. If the job exceeds the rehabilitation limits, then we would have to put a 10 year deed of trust on your home until your 120 monthly payments has been paid. Once these payments are complete, then we will release the lien off the property and give the client a satisfactory letter.

Q. Do I qualify?

A. To be income qualified you must be within the 2014 income limits of $41,850 for Halifax County with a household of 4 members, you own your home and you have your health permit. You will qualify once I receive all of the following documents to verify all the information that has been giving to me in our intake interview is correct.

  • Fill out an application
  • Send copy of your Deed and plat map
  • Send copy of homeowners insurance
  • Send copy of real estate taxes
  • Send copy of bank statements (2 most recent months)
  • Third party verification of income from employer and reward letter from social security office for SSI/Disability
  • Send copy of health permit